‘Fall Guys’ offers competitiveness, fun with friends


Photo courtesy of PlayStation Store

The video game ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ was released for PS4 and PC on August 4. It was released for $20 on PC and is free for PlayStation Plus users.

‘Fall Guys’ is a battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. In the first 24 hours, the game had attracted over 1.5 million players, according to the ‘Fall Guys’ official Twitter.

It has also gained some interesting publicity, with Chuck E. Cheese streaming the game on Twitch, and receiving shout-outs on Twitter from Walmart Canada and ‘The Witcher’ game series.

Players are able to play a total of 11 randomized game modes in ‘Fall Guys’, ranging from survival minigames to team-based tasks. Tasks include playing a game of soccer to racing ahead of everyone to a finish line.

The game can contain up to 60 different players. A certain number of players are eliminated each round until 11 or less remain. Survival rounds last until a number of players fall into slime below them, while other races eliminate the last few players to cross the finish line.

There is a party system that allows up to four friends to play together. Anyone who was eliminated can stay in and cheer on their friends. Depending on the player’s choice, however, they can also knock over their friends and make it so they do not qualify for the next round.

If someone manages to survive to the finals, they have to complete one more challenge to win, such as being the first one to run up a hill and grab a crown, being the last player to have a tail when the timer runs out or being the last player to survive falling into slime.

Finishing games — called “episodes” — will give the player experience and points to buy new outfits, colors and skin patterns. Winning an episode will give players a crown, which can be used to purchase unique cosmetic items.

Cosmetics in the shop change after 24 hours, meaning each day there is something new for the player to buy. There are also taunts and celebrations that can be bought either using points or crowns.

Players can also unlock Cosmetics by leveling up, with the top level being 40. ‘Fall Guys’ is split up into seasons, with the game currently being on Season One. At the end of each season, the player’s score will reset back to one, starting everything over again.

Players can submit designs for the characters that can be picked and used as Cosmetic items in the game. This can be done by going to the ‘Fall Guys’ website and clicking on the ”Contest” tab.

The game takes inspiration from many real-life game shows, such as ‘Wipeout’ and ‘It’s a Knockout’. ‘It’s a Knockout’ also had a system where contestants dressed up in different costumes throughout. Some courses take direct inspiration from ‘Wipeout’, such as courses where players must dodge swinging balls, jump over spinning tubes and avoid blocks that push out of the wall and block the player’s path.

‘Fall Guys’ is a fun, cheap way to play with friends or have fun with others around the world. There’s nothing like entering the special winning screen at the end of the episode, where a player gets extra points, a crown and bragging rights.