Nannie Mac’s offers students a place to relax, unwind


Photo by Morgan Lawrence.

Nannie Mac’s Snowballs, which is located just a half mile off-campus across from Strick’s Bar-B-Q and Catering, has already brought bright things to the McMullen family since it opened in the beginning of this year. 

Owners Kye and Nannie McMullan, originally from Smith County, now live in Purvis and work in Hattiesburg. Nannie McMullan, who is an alumnus of Southern Miss, majored in business administration with an emphasis in management. Her degree allowed her the ability for financial freedom in owning her own business.

“For me, it’s been nice,” Nannie McMullan said. “[It] has been great to be your own boss.”

Both Nannie and Kye had different jobs prior to starting Nannie Mac’s. Nannie McMullan used to work at a bank, tending to customers’ financial needs. Kye McMullan used to work construction during the summer, but as time went on, this kind of work became much harder on his body. Uncertain weather conditions would sometimes wash out construction sites, too, making wages inconsistent. During the winter season, Kye still works for Strick’s Specialty Meats, a meat processing store located in between Strick’s Bar-B-Q and a liquor store. They were able to get by, but money was tight.

With the success of Nannie Mac’s, however, the McMullans have enjoyed their newfound financial freedom. Opening Nannie Mac’s has also allowed the McMullans to spend more quality time together as a family. After having complications during birth with her firstborn child, Nannie is thankful for the opportunity to spend more time at home with her child.

The Nannie Mac stand, based out of an old crossfit building, has a wide variety of options on its menu. Not only does it have over 100 flavor combinations for snowballs, but it also serves ice cream, a frappe-like drink called a “snowcoffee”, candy, chips and nachos. Until colder seasons roll in later on this year, Nannie Mac’s is open from one to six p.m. every day and will offer catering for parties, fundraisers and more. 

In the near future, the McMullans want to expand their business horizons. In addition to further diversifying their food options, Nannie Mac’s hopes to become a new go-to spot for Southern Miss students. Their main plan is to open a new cozy coffee shop in Hattiesburg soon. They hope to create a welcoming environment for everyday people and students. And, of course, give people the things they love. 

“When I was in school, I would have enjoyed a new environment to study in,” Nannie McMullan said. “We’re looking at creating a lobby set-up with tables and chairs, maybe a couch where students can study. We really want to make a new environment where students can study and branch out to.” The future holds many more great things for the McMullan family. Nannie Mac’s is a rising dining spot students should definitely check out. Make sure to follow Nannie Mac’s Snowballs on social media to keep up to date on new snowball flavors, future plans and more. Stop by to experience some delicious treats, smiling faces and great times.