Cat Twitter offers a new Twitter experience


Illustration by Erin Collins.

When someone thinks about Twitter, they probably think about humans updating the world about their lives. Twitter is normally used to get updates about politics, entertainment or from friends about things going on. But what if cats were given a Twitter account?

Twitter accounts ‘owned’ by cats have started to appear, getting hundreds of thousands of followers. Some notable cats on Twitter include Blueberry (@brrbrrblueberry), Elton (@orangeofaman) and Benny (@benny_the_kitty), but there are many others. It shouldn’t be too hard to find them, either, as all of these cat accounts usually associate with each other.

As expected, the tweets from these cats involve moments from their lives. They usually post a lot of pictures doing everyday things, like watching animals outside or interacting with other cats. Text posts are a little more infrequent, but not uncommon. The style of how each cat speaks changes from account to account, with some using proper English and others only being able to say their name. Most are written in a cute form of broken English. 

“I GORT THISD   .FOR US,” Elton said, referencing a leaf he found outside.

These cats even have a type of community, with the cat’s Twitter followers creating artwork or jokes about the cat. Elton tweets whenever he loses his toy rat, and all of the replies give him support and wish him the best. There is even an account (@isjeremylost) to update if Elton’s rat is lost or found. Along with these accounts inspired by the cats and their posts, there is a bot called kitty captions bot (@BotPeepee) that takes a cat’s post and turns it into a caption. 

“[ETERNALLY] it is day nomber 1649 , im still not been bort peepeed,” one caption reads, referencing this tweet from Joey (@joeyfreckle).  

The cats are also fairly good about timely replies, which fans love. For some reason, it feels better to get attention from a cat than from a celebrity. 

Including a few cats in the timeline is a good way to add some joy to the scrolling of Twitter. Instead of constant doomscrolling, seeing a cat acting goofy helps the mind. There is nothing quite like following a cat’s daily routine and seeing the world somewhat through their eyes. Plus, there’s always the chance to make a new furry friend.