Students swing into ballroom dance club

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Courtesy Photo

Southern Miss offers numerous clubs and activities for students to get involved in. Students can find just about anything that interests them, no matter how unconventional. One organization that allows students to socialize in a creative way is the Ballroom Dance Club.

The Ballroom Dance Club allows students to learn a variety of classic dance styles. No prior dance experience is necessary, as many of the people who first join the club have never taken a dance class in their lives.
“I heard about it through signs and stuff and I thought it sounded cool because I had always wanted to learn ballroom-style dancing,” said Shelby Auer, a freshman kinesiotherapy major. “A group of people I had just met through classes said they were going so I decided to go and just try it out and we have been going ever since.”

“I have learned waltz, tango, cha cha, salsa, rumba, east and west coast swing (and) quickstep. All of which I had no prior experience (in) and they taught us all of the basic steps to,” Auer said.

Senior members of the club took on teaching the newer students the different dance styles, but now a teacher from the Grand Ballroom in Hattiesburg has been able to attend the practices and professionally teach the members new dances.

John Davenport, a freshman exercise science major, was attracted to the Ballroom Dance Club because of how it offered the opportunity to meet new people.

“It was very social in that you’re constantly rotating partners and chatting with someone new,” Davenport said.

Surprisingly enough, more guys have been showing up to the Ballroom Dance Club than girls, which most people would not think to be the norm.

The Ballroom Dance Club really hopes to bring in some new members in the upcoming semester.

“I would also love to get more involved and help organize it a bit more,” Davenport said.

Rebecca Casey, the current vice president of the Ballroom Dance Club, had numerous ideas for outreach that she hopes to implement in the fall.

“We were thinking of having someone dance at the pep rallies, like the other groups do. Also like a random flash mob of dancing at the fountain, but with permission from the university,” said Casey, a senior elementary education major.

However they choose to promote themselves, the Ballroom Dance Club is a great way to get in shape and meet new friends all while learning a fun, new skill.

The Ballroom Dance Club currently meets on Tuesdays from 8-10 p.m in the Payne Center.