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Make the Most of Your ‘Roaring 20s’

Make the Most of Your Roaring 20s
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The decade between your 20th birthday and your 30th is life-changing.  I prefer to call it the roaring 20s, but that’s just me.

Between the Starbucks cravings, the massive hangovers and the countless blind dates to fancy restaurants, many of us 20-somethings have a pretty tough life to live.  But, we get by with long lists written on websites and gifs that describe us. 

So, ladies, here’s another one of those lists we can’t live without.

1. Snapchats stay between you and those people you send them to, right? So, it’s okay to post numerous Snapchats of you getting wasted, dancing on tables at Brewsky’s.  No it’s not.  Social media can and will haunt you.

2. Sometimes, you just can’t even.  And it’s literally okay.

3. Being hungover is always an excuse to skip class, miss work and dismiss obligations.  Because we all know your 20s are tough and one-too-many cocktails on a Monday night is necessary.  Just kidding, it’s not. Pop an Advil, chug some water and pick up a chicken biscuit on your way into town and take life by the horns.

4. You can’t live off ramen noodles, stale bread and beer for the rest of your life.  Man up, buy a crockpot and learn what it’s like to make a home-cooked meal in your own home.

5. Ladies, you have to kiss one too many frogs until you find your prince.  This decade in your life may be filled with lots of kisses and you may find your prince.  Though, some of us will kiss so many frogs we resort to kissing cats, but that’s okay.

6. Don’t text your ex. I don’t care how many gin and tonics you have had or how Ryan Gosling’s beard in “The Notebook” reminds you of him; just don’t do it.

7. Drama is fine. It’s what keeps you young. But by no means should it be taken to social media; and it should never end in a catfight at the bar.  Have some class, ladies.

8. Pick a date.  Seriously, date lots of people.  What could it hurt?  We will all be married and carting the kids to soccer one day wishing we had taken up that invite to your favorite coffee shop just so we can feel pretty again.

9. Stop wearing leggings and baggy frat shirts all of the time.  I know I am equally guilty of this, but try to make yourself feel like a real adult at least one day out of the week.

10. Find a health regime that works for you.  When you turn 20, your body changes and long gone are the days of binge-eating Raising Canes.  Exercise, be conscious of what you eat and realize your metabolism
will change.

11. Many of us 20-somethings are trying to find ourselves.  Don’t just talk about it, do it.

12. Learn to listen to good music.  Blaring “Blank Space” with the top down is perfectly fine, but find music that tugs at your heart not at your brain
cell count.

13. Always think about your future.  The roaring 20s seem to be all about pretending not to be an adult, when in fact, you are an adult with a bright future ahead of you.

14. Stop using Cosmo and Glamour to dictate how you date, eat and live.  I am pretty sure high school girls around the nation are doing the same thing.  For motivation, pick up a classic, an interesting novel or even a newspaper for God’s sake.

15. Your 21st birthday will be the best so deal with it.

16. One day you could be stranded with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.  Either know how to change a tire or know how to flirt to get one changed.

17. During this decade, though you may feel too old or too young, you are always somewhere in between fawning over frat boys and taking out your
second mortgage. 

18. This list makes you want to go back to being 18, doesn’t it?

19. You are going to make mistakes and do many stupid things but don’t let Elite Daily or Thought Catalog tell you that it’s okay because you are 22 or 27.   Own up to your mistakes.  Being 20-somethings has nothing to do with them.

20. Read countless articles about how you should behave in your 20s.  Because, who can better tell you about your own life

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Make the Most of Your ‘Roaring 20s’