Miley Cyrus strips to new lows

Miley Cyrus during her shocking performance at the Video Music Awards in August. Courtesy photo
Miley Cyrus during her shocking performance at the Video Music Awards in August.
Courtesy photo

Miley Cyrus has outgrown her Disney Channel days when she starred in the hit show, “Hannah Montana.” And boy, she is a hot mess. Miley has traded in her blonde wig for a large foam finger and her studded jeans for a pair of hot shorts that labeled her “chicken butt” at the Video Music Awards in August.

With over 196 million views, the new hit song “We Can’t Stop,” has given Miley the status of a megastar, like meat-lover, Lady GaGa. My initial reaction to this music video was a confused one. I watched it a few more times to understand that I was watching Miley’s interpretation of a hallucination. Many fans experienced only things they might have seen in their dreams including bouncing human-like teddy bears, bubble gum pink blood and a piñata filled with hot dogs.

And I don’t care what Miley said in her interviews about the lyric, “Dancing with Molly [Miley].” It’s interpreted [and sounds like] dancing with Molly. Yes, Miley, the American people are just slightly convinced you’re on Molly, which is another name for ecstasy. This could definitely be your explanation for your eccentric video.

Miley’s obscene twerking on Robin Thicke sent fans over the edge. According to, there were over 150 irate official complaint filings for the VMA performance. One fan said, “Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken them to Tijuana.” It looks like Miley has made the VMAs an adult-only show.

Everyone keeps watching Miley after her racy performance. This month, she has released another interesting music video called “Wrecking Ball.” I was pretty horrified when I watched this video for the first time. I didn’t know how I would about feel about a female licking a sledgehammer and then proceeding to swing naked on a wrecking ball until now. Call me conservative, but this star is off her rocker.

Besides all the licking and twerking, Miley does want her fans to know what fun is really like [when possibly on drugs]. But, she is sending the wrong message to everyone except fans who love to hallucinate and destroy walls with a sledgehammer.

Her message is somewhat similar to Lady Gaga’s. Both of them starve for attention from fans and the rest of the public eye, regardless of their reputation or credibility as a music artist. I can understand how an actress or music artist would want to grow out of their childhood-star status. But this is extreme because the cliche “sex sales” is not in Miley’s favor. Being naked and acting promiscuous will only get Miley more views, not obsessed fans.

You know what I crave from Miley? The days when she used to sing about “uphill battles” and “the best of both worlds.” Her songs inspired me, especially the song she sang with Billy Ray Cyrus. Now I just point and laugh and wonder what she or her record company will create next.

For now, I guess Miley will start calling her fans “Baby Molly’s” and I will go back to watching “Hannah Montana” reruns.