BUKU Artist Profiles


Alexis and Sam, members of Sweet Crude, make their first appearance at Buku Music+Art Festival.

Alexis and Sam, members of Sweet Crude, make their first appearance at Buku Music+Art Festival.

The Student Printz interviewed these unique NOLA-based music artists at the 2015 BUKU Music+Art Project March 13 and 14.


Name: Andre Waguespack
Hometown: New Orleans
Genre: Electronic dance music, Hip-hop
First show: Klutch played in Baton Rouge, where he opened for DJ GRiZ
Best on-stage moment: Performing at the 2015 BUKU Music+Art Project
No. 1 music influencer: Bassnectar
Interesting facts:
-Klutch came up with his stage name with his love for car. He said one night, he was watching “Top Gear” on Netflix and then he started naming car parts. That is when “Klutch” came to mind and the DJ’s on-stage name was born.
-He has the worst stage fright before every show.
-The guy wearing the BUKU Deadmau5 headpiece at the 2015 festival is one of Klutch’s closest friends.
-Before he was a DJ, Klutch’s inspiration evolved when he attended Hard Fest in Los Angeles after high school and he said it was a very eye-opening experience.


Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Hip-hop, “rap cabaret”
First show: New Orleans
Music influencers: Boyfriend said she is inspired by everything that surrounds her.
Interesting facts:
-She was the only female rapper to perform at 2015 BUKU festival.
-Boyfriend handed out 500 cupcakes to the V.I.P. audience at BUKU.
-She often wears her mother’s vintage robe while she performs.

Sweet Crude

Name(s): Brothers Sam and Jack Craft, Alexis Marceaux, Stephen McDonald, Skyler Stroup and Marion Tortorich
Genre: Louisiana jungle pop, seven-piece ensemble band
Hometown: All from New Orleans
Influencers: Arcade Fire, New Orleans brass bands and marching bands
Inspiration: The whole crew enjoys going out together to see local artists perform.
Interesting facts:
-Some of their songs are spoken in Louisiana French, or more commonly known as Cajun French.
-At one performance, a group of Mardi Gras Indians joined in the jam session.
-All of the band members met in the local music scene about five years ago. They began playing together two years ago in March.