Shopaholics need not wait for Cyber Monday


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the hunt for the best discounts has just begun. Perhaps this is a part of what makes the holiday season most alluring, or maybe it’s the perfect time of year for companies to capitalize on product- hungry consumers. Nevertheless, the morning after our day of thanks has proved to be one of the market’s most profitable days and has kept millions of customers lining up year after year.

However, with Black Friday causing newsworthy chaos in years past, many sale hunters have opted to do their shop- ping from the comfort of their beds with the click of a button.

On the Monday after Thanks- giving, the Internet is the only shop people are interested in since it began its initial response to Black Friday in the early 2000s. As a gift to customers around the country, on- line shops have put their best products on sale for those who enjoy avoiding the hassle of

traditional shopping. Consumers spend hundreds through these deals and walk away feeling like they’ve cheated the system.

But if you’re a true shopaholic and play the game right, you’d know that you can find the same online deals year- round—it’s all about perspective. For instance, take Zara, the high-end streetwear store. If you shop its end-of-summer sale, you are guaranteed to find clothing for less than half its original price. Also, by shopping clearance at online stores like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21, you’ll be able to save a few bucks for an item more worth your money.

The key to online shopping is to shop smart and with a budget. It also helps to sign up for emails from retailers alerting you of their current sales. If you are looking for a specific item, check multiple sites before settling on the best- priced. If you take your online shopping as seriously as you take your traditional shopping, then everyday can be as successful as Cyber Monday