DIY costumes made cheap, easy


Photo by Kaylyn Jones.

As Halloween approaches, many students are coming to terms with the fact that costumes cost more than necessary. This is why low-budget costumes are gaining popularity.

Halloween can sneak up on college students due to busy schedules throughout the fall, but last-minute costumes are what fit within a college budget. Costumes created in a time-crunch do not have to be perfect, but they also aren’t necessarily trashy. Many costumes from a store range from $20-$40, but DIY costumes could be as cheap as $10 or less. When putting together a costume, the most essential things are theme, cost and production.

When thinking of a theme for a costume, remember the event in which this costume will be worn. Whether or not the need for modesty is important, this is something to think about, especially with a specific audience.

The cost of a costume is important, especially when on a budget. In order to create a cost-effective costume, think of the elements being put together throughout the production. Limit the items needed and price each item while staying within the budget. 

These four costumes are quick, easy and budget-friendly.

Video shot and edited by Kaylyn Jones.

Dr. Pepper

When thinking of Dr. Pepper, many make the assumption that they are dealing with the soft drink. This costume is not only a great way to show a creative point, but to play around with puns as well. The only items needed are scrubs, printed peppers, safety pins and a name tag. After attaching the printed peppers to the scrub top along with the name tag, the costume is essentially done. Any other elements could also be added for creative effect.

50 Shades of Grey

Pop culture has defined the movie “50 Shades of Grey” as trendy but immodest. However, this costume plays along with the title of the famous film. The only items needed are a t-shirt, grey paint samples and safety pins. After attaching the samples to the shirt using the safety pins, the costume is complete.


The next costume is a healthy choice for a snack as well as a fun choice for Halloween. Dressing as a bundle of grapes could sound like a challenge, but it truly only consists of four different items. All that is needed is a t-shirt, around eight balloons, safety pins and a hair bow. After blowing up and pinning the balloons to the shirt, place the hair bow on top and enjoy. This costume is most enjoyed in a family setting and can be used with either purple or green balloons.


When dressing up a granny, remember to add some personal flair to the costume. Whether using special effects makeup or a simple grey finish, this costume can be enjoyed by those of any age. The only items needed are a robe, glasses, a shower cap and a wooden spoon.

These costumes can easily be made after a quick trip to the store or simply with household items. Many DIY costumes could take weeks to make, but each of these could be done in little to no time.