SGA hosts listening session


Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, left, answers a student’s question as Student Government Association. President Ashley Lankford, right, and members of the audience listen at the meeting in the Thad. | Sean Smith, Photo Editor

Last Tuesday afternoon, the Student Government Association hosted a listening session to discuss the student activity fee.   

The event was held in room 218 of the Thad Cochran Center.

During the listening session, students asked a variety of questions concerning the student activity fee’s recent increase. They demanded to know where and how their money would be spent. DeeDee Anderson, the Vice President of Student Affairs, along with Ashley Lankford, the President of SGA, were there to answer the student’s questions. As the President of SGA, Lankford expressed in detail how important it is to keep students aware of where the student activity fee funds would go.  

“Whenever we’re having to vote, obviously, we need to have very clear instructions on where this is going,” Lankford said.   

With Lankford being a student as well, she understands the thoughts and the concerns of the student body when it comes to having an idea of what the money would be used for, she said. 

“It’s obvious that students are really passionate about not only knowing where their money is going, but how it’s currently being spent and how those hypothetical raises in this fee are going to be spent as well,” said Lankford.  

Additionally, it was mentioned in the listening session that buildings, such as the Payne Center, are in need of more funds.   

By increasing the student activity fee, different organizations as well as buildings can have the opportunity to better support the needs and wants of the student population.   

The SGA Senate plans to have another student activity fee listening session on October 25th, which will be an online session, and on November 10th, which will be in person in the Thad Cochran Center.   

Lankford extended an invitation to all USM students for the upcoming listening sessions. To stay updated with what SGA has going on, follow them on Instagram at @southernmisssga.