Friday is International Talk Like a Pirate day

Put on your eye patch and head to Krispy Kreme Friday for the 24th International Talk Like a Pirate Day. According to the Krispy Kreme website, one may come to collect his or her donut bounty in two ways. If one comes into Krispy Kreme and talks like a pirate, he or she will receive one free original glazed doughnut. If one decides to visit a Krispy Kreme location in a full pirate costume, he or she will receive one free dozen original glazed doughnuts. But, full-costume participants must include three or more items from the following:

  • eye patch
  • pirate hat
  • pirate flag (black or red)
  • bandana
  • peg leg
  • parrot on shoulder
  • pirate shirt / loose white shirt
  • knickers
  • leather belt
  • silver and gold necklaces and earrings
  • pirate hook
  • pointy black boots or ragged brown sandals

So gather your costume by Friday, prepare to say many “Arrr Mateys” and go get your free dozen glazed doughnuts.

According to talklikeapirate’s official website, John Baur and Marker Summers, the founders of ITLAP Day, created the concept while playing racquetball and talking to each other in Pirate-speak. After playing, they decided there should be more pirate talk from everyone. Summers gave it a lot of thought and dubbed Sept. 19 as ITLAP Day, which was also his wife’s birthday.