SGA elections bring in new administration


The Student Government Association at the University of Southern Mississippi held elections on March 1, resulting in a list of new faces arriving in office.

Students elected officers for the positions of president, vice president, senate president, treasurer, election commissioner and attorney general. All but one executive candidate participated in a Greek Life organization.

There are over 250 students working in five different branches of the SGA and President-elect Caroline Bradley said each student brings a unique quality to what it means to be a student at USM, a member of SGA and a representative of the student body.

“We have initiatives in place for students to raise their voices and be heard because SGA’s driving force is to make a difference with the students in mind,” Bradley.

Bradley said she hopes to improve and develop student IDs, maintain a good relationship with Cook Library, build up the Student Initiatives Branch of SGA Cabinet along with the Speak Up Southern Miss initiative, improve parking and find affordable textbook alternatives.

“SGA will continue listening to the students to hear what other changes they want to see at USM as well,” said Bradley.

According to the USM SGA website,Bradley’s position as President involves helping to coordinate the University’s five signature events, creating new events and creating committees, such as the Election Commission, involved in coordinating these events.

Election commissioner-elect Christen White, a psychology major, will head the Election Commission, which coordinates the Homecoming and SGA officer elections. The commission handles any voting process that Student Government sponsors to the students.

“I really appreciate [the students] support in electing me,” White said.

Francis Lopez, a sophomore accounting major treasurer-elect said, “It was such a rewarding feeling to know that the student body voted to elect me into this position.”

As treasurer, Lopez’s responsibilities include working with advisers to keep up with the SGA budget and oversee the philanthropy commission, which makes it possible to fund students attending USM.

“I felt elated, honored and ready to take on my newest outlet for leaving Southern Miss better than when I found it,”Jesse Robinson, a junior mathematics major who was elected Vice President and President of the SGA Senate.

Robinson’s role as vice president and senate president involves him representing his campus at large in the SGA Senate, which is made up of the vice president and 35 elected senators.

Autumn Sobel, the incumbent attorney general said, “I would like to thank everyone who believed and supported me throughout this journey.”

Attorney general of the SGA appoints Judicial Board members. The Judicial Board upholds the SGA constitution and university laws.

SGA represents the voice of the student body of USM in matters of protecting a student’s rights, opinions, academic freedom and promotes academic responsibility as well as university pride.

The SGA Senate meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues or concerns that impact the student body. The Senate produces pieces of legislation have to be implemented by the SGA President and the university president before being implemented into new university policies.