Southern Miss to kick off ‘Health is Golden’ campaign

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

The University of Southern Mississippi will begin an attempt to make student life a little bit healthier on March 6. Thursday, USM faculty and staff members will launch the new “Health is Golden” campaign. This event was made possible due to a grant of $250,000, provided by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation.

The donation was sent to the university in order to inspire the student community to live healthier lifestyles.

Ann Marie Chilcutt, a senior communication studies major, said the campaign is an initiative started by Health Education and Promotion Coordinator Jodi Ryder at Student Health Services and the Wellness Ambassadors. “It is a campaign that challenges each person to be golden in every aspect and identify what that is for each person,” Chilcutt said.

According to the university website, the campaign has many purposes. One of the main reasons the “Health is Golden” campaign was brought to the campus is to not only provide everyone with the inspiration to become healthier, but also to educate each person about the ways he or she can accomplish that goal.

A few of the activities that will be included in the program are classes that will teach healthy eating techniques, as well as inform attendees about various forms of exercise. Also, men and women who choose to take part in the program will have more opportunities to engage in healthy social activities.

Chilcutt also believes this program is important because everyone who chooses to participate in it will help Southern Miss grow to be a healthier campus in many ways. “I hope it will affect USM by challenging us to live out our motto of ‘to the top’ every day and to recognize that means going to class, making good grades and also graduating on time, but also not forgetting to take personal time to continue making our heath golden,” Chilcutt said.

According to a press release, the series of activities involved in the “Health is Golden” campaign will begin on March 6 at 1 p.m. in the Thad Cochran Center. Information booths, various wellness campaign registration booths and comments from President Rodney Bennett will be included throughout the first event.