Fantasy football guide for the ladies

Ladies, we all know what happens when football season starts, you lose your man to the other woman: fantasy football.

Well let’s not lose them to the other woman, let’s be the other woman. Now more than ever, women are participating in fantasy football leagues.

Whether it’s your first time participating or your man’s fifth year playing, there are major do’s and don’ts of fantasy football.

Drafting is the most crucial part of this process, so no pressure. The biggest, most often made mistake is reaching for a certain player or position. Don’t reach. You should pick the best player available, end of story. Don’t pick a certain player because you are scared he won’t be there later in the draft.

There are also league settings to be aware of: running backs and quarterbacks are most likely going to get you the most point value due to probability. Point systems may vary between leagues. The top three draft picks usually go to the running backs and/or the quarterback. According to the Pro Football Weekly Preview 2013 and based on the average point system, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham are all first round draft picks.

But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The key to winning is much more than just the draft.

There are multiple variables such as team management, key trades and consistent strategy involved in winning the ability to boast for the entire year. During the season most people get lazy and hope for the best with the team they picked.

The player/team who usually ends up on top is the one who knows how to make vital decisions both pre and post-game.  Acknowledging that you may have to let a player go to pick up another one plays a huge part in making your way to the end.  Every man and woman who plays wants to win at the end of the season so he or she can have bragging rights for the rest of the year. Whether you’re playing for money or for fun, the competition of fantasy football increases with every year.

Let’s be real, luck is a huge factor involved. One must always consider matchups and the injuries that will plague some.

The most exciting part of choosing a team is deciding on a name. The key is to make sure to choose a fun, quirky name that is a direct reflection of your team and your personality.  Make sure your opponents know that your team is one to be reckoned with because your team name is just that awesome.

Stay classy, fantasy football participants. And remember ladies: If you can’t beat them, why not join them?